Technology Services

Darrell Hill Technology Services | Innovate to Survive

With the ever increasing role of technology in corporate performance and with the massive acceleration of IT consumerization, IT has become a strategic asset far beyond a supporting unit.

The local market in Nigeria have long recognized the exceptional technological expertise of Darrell Hill Technology consultants. From application development and integration to web services, our innovative technology services consistently exceed expectations across all industries. Information Technology will continue to play an increasing role in an organisation’s ability to enhance and effectively support its’ core processes. This ability of organisations to derive value from their investments in IT depends on how strong their information culture is.

We offer access to cutting-edge technologies through industry-specific partnerships and global alliances to dramatically reduce the time required to execute your IT strategy. Our technology offering provides a comprehensive range of IT related services aimed at assisting organisations to effectively develop and manage their IT capabilities for competitive advantage.

What We Offer

  1. Mobile Services and Solutions
  2. Software as a Service; Nigerian style
  3. E-Business
  4. Technology Risk Management
  5. Systems Integration
  6. Technology Strategy & Architecture